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16 Days Campaign Analytical Summary 2014

This summary analyzes the scope of the 2014 16 Days Campaign and provides an overview of participation and activities. Reflected in the summary is information gathered through correspondence with participants, Take Action Kit requests, events posted on the Campaign Calendar, Google alerts, and the 16 Days Post-Campaign Survey. While the summary is based on these sources, it does not reflect the full breadth of global events that were organized and took place in 2014.

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Highlights of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign in 2014

The multi-year theme “From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World: Let’s Challenge Militarism and End Gender-Based Violence,” in 2014 focused on three major subthemes: violence perpetrated by state actors, proliferation of small arms in cases of intimate partner violence, and sexual violence during and post conflict.

  • In 2014, CWGL tracked the participation of 739 organizations in a total of 93 countries across the globe. Africa accounted for the largest number of participating organizations with 41% of participation, while participating organizations in Asia and the Pacific came in second, accounting for 19% of participation.
  • Globally, six subthemes comprised the majority, 74 percent, of actions and events. Gender-based violence was the theme of 29.4 percent of actions, domestic violence comprised 15.5 percent of actions, sexual violence consisted of 13.9 percent of events and actions, and children/girls, harmful practices, and women human rights defenders constituted as about 5 percent each of actions.
  • Organizations participated in the campaign through four main types of actions: Community Mobilization, Information Sharing & Coalition Building, Media & Art, and Policy Advocacy. The two with the greatest utilization by organizations were Community Mobilization and Information Sharing & Coalition Building, which represented 30% and 28%, respectively, of all actions taken. About 21% of organizations used Media & Art while 16% used Policy Advocacy.
  • 135 hard copies of the Take Action Kit were distributed around the world, while the online Take Action Kit was accessed 10,144 times.
  • The theme announcement was accessed the most totaling 25,974 times, making it the most popular item in the Take Action Packet. Utilization of the Theme Announcement saw nearly a 270% increase from 2013.
  • 16 Days witnessed an increase in the online presence of activism through teach-ins, blogs, and social media, building upon the 16 Days platform.

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