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16 Days Campaign Analytical Summary 2013

This summary analyzes the scope of the 2013 16 Days Campaign and provides an overview of participation and activities. Reflected in the summary is information gathered through correspondence with participants, Take Action Kit requests, events posted on the Campaign Calendar, Google alerts, and the 16 Days Post-Campaign Survey. While the summary is based on these sources, it does not reflect the full breadth of global events that were organized and took place in 2013.

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Highlights of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign in 2013

“From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World: Let’s Challenge Militarism and End Violence Against Women” emphasized the issue of militarism and gender-based violence as cross-cutting and highlight the effects on women and their communities in nearly every part of the world.

  •  Up to the present, over 5,179 organizations in 187 countries in every region of the world have participated in the 16 Days Campaign, with the reach of the Campaign growing each year. In 2013, CWGL was in direct contact with or was able to track the participation of 841 organizations in 111 countries, as well as 32 international and 20 online based initiatives.
  • Participation varied in not only location, but in size and scope, ranging from individuals to organizations, academic institutions to UN entities, and resulting in a 12% increase from the previous year.
  • Of the 841 participants accounted for in 2013, 34% were from Sub-Saharan Africa; 21% from Asia and the Pacific (AP); 17% from Europe and CIS (ECIS) and from North America (NA); 3% from Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC); 2% from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA); 4% International groups and 2% online based initiatives
  • Actions taken fell into four broad categories, including: i) Community Mobilization; ii) Information Sharing and Coalition Building; iii) Media and Art; and iv) Policy.
    • Community Mobilization - 226 initiatives (i.e., rallies, marches, city bike rides, and forums by organizations and local activists urging attention and action by communities on specific issues related to gender-based violence).
    • Information Sharing and Coalition Building - 334 actions (continues to be the most popular type of initiative; i.e., conferences, workshops, and trainings on specific issues).
    • Media and Art - 174 initiatives (i.e., dance, small theater or street performances, music, radio and television programs highlighting gender-based violence and intersecting issues).
    • Policy - 107 initiatives (i.e., organizations petitioning government representatives to create gender-sensitive and human rights based policies and legislation, or reform regressive ones).
  • 16 Days Campaign Take Action Kit (TAK) is produced by CWGL, and is accessible in hard copy in English, French, and Spanish through specific request and electronically in these three languages as well as other volunteer translated versions. The “16 Days” logo is also available online in 60 languages.
  • The TAK was translated with help from over 30 volunteers, and was available in 29 languages.The most popular TAK version was English, and then followed by Spanish, French, Arabic, and Bahasa Indonesian, while the most popular TAK item was the Theme Announcement, which was downloaded 4, 325 times in the run up to the 16 Days Campaign.
  • The TAK was downloaded 60, 705 times from the 16 Days Campaign website, with 153 hard copies mailed to organizations in every region of the world. Most striking is that hard copy requests went down in 2013 by 23%, while online downloads more than doubled from the previous year’s 49,346 record.
  • 16 Days Website recieved 28,884 visits in the weeks following up to and during the Campaign, with 74% new visitors. Based on post-Campaign survey responses, 81% of respondents accessed the website for Theme Announcement and Take Action Kit downloads (60, 705 times). Website downloads of TAK more than doubled from the previous year’s 49,346 record.
  • On Twitter #16Days was trending on November 25; and was likely due to many participants who had planned Twitter campaigns for November 25. Use of the hashtag continued steadily throughout the Campaign.
  • Facebook saw a 6.4% increase in “Likes” with new followers, and a steady stream of comments and likes on informational posts about participants’ activities, current events, and other data related to the theme and thematic priority area.
  • On Tumblr, the series "16 Blogs for 16 Days" brought together diverse voices on critical issues related to gender-based violence, militarism, and issues such as inter-sectionality, gender-based violence and impunity, engaging men and boys as allies in ending gender-based violence, Women Human Rights Defenders; LGBTQI human rights and state violence; and State accountability and due diligence obligations. Read the 16 Blogs for 16 Days entries here: http://cwgl.tumblr.com/tagged/16-days

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