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Ms. Dubravka Simonovic (Croatia) is appointed as the United Nations Special Rapporteur on violence against women in 2015. She has served in UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women for multiple responsibilities. She participated in drafting the Council of Europe Convention in fighting and preventing violence against women.

Ms. Simonovic holds a doctoral degree of law from University of Zagreb, Croatia. In 2002, she was a visiting scholar in Columbia Law School. She holds a visiting professor position at Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights, University of Cincinnati since 2011. She was head of the Human Rights Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Croatia since 2002, and ambassador in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Croatia since 2006.


Zainab Hawa Bangura of Sierra Leone was appointed as Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict in 2012.

Ms. Bangura, who is currently the Minister of Health and Sanitation for the Government of Sierra Leone, brings to the position over 20 years of policy, diplomatic and practical experience in the field of governance, conflict resolution and reconciliation in Africa.  She was previously the second female Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, including Chief Adviser and Spokesperson of the President on bilateral and international issues.  Ms. Bangura has been instrumental in developing national programmes on affordable health, advocating for the elimination of genital mutilation, managing the country’s Peace Building Commission and contributing to the multilateral and bilateral relations with the international community. 

Ms. Bangura has on-the-ground experience with peacekeeping operations from within the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), where she was responsible for the management of the largest civilian component of the Mission, including promoting capacity-building of government institutions and community reconciliation.  She is an experienced results-driven civil society, human and women’s rights campaigner and democracy activst, notably as Executive Director of the National Accountability Groups, Chair and Co-founder of the Movement for Progress Party of Sierra Leone, as well as Coordinator and Co-founder of the Campaign for Good Governance.


2017 Campaign Theme and Take Action Kit

The theme of the 2017 Campaign is “Together We Can End GBV in Education!” This year’s theme builds on the momentum and achievements during the 2016 campaign, when over 700 organizations in 92 countries campaigned around the theme of “From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World: Make Education Safe for All!” Our goal for 2017 is to continue to build awareness of and advocate for an end to all forms of gender-based violence in education once and for all.

This action kit contains information about GBV in education as well as suggested actions to take during the 2017 16 Days Campaign. The action kit will help you understand the issues and challenges faced in addressing and ending GBV in education and how together we can make a difference.

The 2017 16 Days of Activism Campaign places a stronger emphasis than in recent years on the human rights framework. As always, the 2017 Campaign includes suggestions for awareness-raising activities, including attracting attention and generating public support. This year however, this 16 Days Campaign Action Kit also includes suggestions for advocacy focused on institutional, legal, and policy change, i.e. for effective laws, policies and institutions that effectively prevent and address GBV in education. This reflects a refocused and renewed emphasis by the Center for Women’s Global Leadership (CWGL) on using the human rights framework to campaigning not only to raise awareness about gender-based violence, but also to eradicate it once and for all. Please read the next section of the Action Kit for more information about moving from awareness to eradicating GBV.

Once again, thank you for participating in the 2017 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence Campaign. For over 25 years, the 16 Days of Activism Campaign has pursued its mission to eradicate gender-based violence in all forms, and demand gender equality across the world. Without you, the campaign would never have been able to come so far, or achieved such successes. Thank you for the crucial role you are playing in the 2017 Campaign and by doing so, contributing to promoting women’s human rights and putting an end gender-based violence once and for all. Together We Can End GBV in Education! Together we will end GBV in Education!


Please click here to download the full Take Action Kit for 2017.

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