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How To Get Involved

Strategizing for CSW

The Center is pleased to share the Joint Statement to Promote an End to Gender-Based Violence, submitted to the United Nations 57th Session on the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW57) on behalf of the 16 Days Campaign Partners.  We call on Member States to eliminate violence against women, facilitate disarmament and promote peace and human security, and respect, protect, promote and fulfill all human rights and take urgent and concrete measures to secure gender equality.

We were thrilled to receive over 130 signatures in 48 hours when we sent out our call for signatures in November 2012.  Many thanks to all of those who responded so quickly.  Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to add your name and/or organization to the statement.

More information about the Center's participation at CSW57 is available on the CWGL website.


Getting Involved in the 16 Days Campaign

1.  ORGANIZE an Activity


2.  SPREAD the Word:

  • Submit your planned activity to the International Calendar of Campaign Activities.
  • Talk to Local Media 
  • Create a Buzz Online
    • Write blog articles, opinion pieces, and personal reflections for websites and online information sources. (Note: if you face any risk of threats or harassment you can write anonymously or use fictional names)
  • Additional Resources:

Doing Media Advocacy by the International Women’s Health Coalition

Campaign Kit from Take Back the Tech

Reporting Gender-Based Violence: A Handbook for Journalists  

3.  Get CONNECTED to the international 16 Days Campaign:

  • Find us on Facebook
    •  Post status updates about the campaign 
    • Change your profile picture to the 16 Days logo
  • Find us on Flickr, a photo-sharing website.
    • Upload images of campaign posters and photographs taken during the 16 Days campaign. 
    • Tag photographs as "16Days"
  • Join the 16 Days email discussion listserve
  • Follow our Tumblr to learn more about 16 Days and the UN CSW


4.  DOCUMENT and REFLECT on your Campaign:

  • Complete the 16 Days Campaign Questionnaire (available from CWGL) let us know how we can improve the campaign resources we provide!
  • Create and share a summary of your campaign activities by posting it on the web, sending it to other organizations, or publishing it in a newsletter.  Remember to send a copy to CWGL, too!
    • When documenting your campaign activities, consider these questions:
       Do you think the campaign went well? Why or why not?
       Did you achieve the goals you set in the beginning?
       What was the impact of your actions?
       What would you do differently next time?
       What tools or resources would you require to improve your participation in the campaign?

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